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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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No studies of this program are planned or in progress.

Contactsfor Further Information

program operations: Charles Griffith, (202) 245-3253

Program studies: Robert H. Berls, (202) 245-8281


1.  The Education Amendments (P.L. 96-374) of 1980 provided for a new
Part B of Title IX of HEA of 1965. The new Part B voids and re-
places the old Part B (Graduate/Profess1onaT~Educat1on Opportunities
Program), ParF C (Public Service Fellowships), and Part D (Domestic
Mining and Mineral and Mineral Fuel Conservation Fellowships) and
constitutes a new Part B 1n which the separate authorities were
combined into one authority. For Information on each program prior
to FY 1981, see the ED Annual Evaluation Report for FY 1981.

2.  Under the consolidated Part B, Section (e), at least as much money
must be spent each year on Public Service Fellowships, Mining Fellow-
ships, and Graduate and Professional Opportunities Fellowships as
was spent 1n FY 1979 for each of these categories.as follows: